One of the most difficult challenges in life can be when we realize our parents have needs that neither they nor we alone can meet. Where do we go to find help for personal care, transportation, meal programs or a host of other services? Most people don’t have a clue on how to proceed even busy, successful adult children are stymied by the lack of a general source of information out there.

We are therefore launching our site with a simple goal in mind—-to provide you with a vast array of FREE information on available services, government benefits, and innovative businesses—whatever you need to help you help your parents achieve a better quality of life. Since our business model is to provide a basic listings of resources for free, we will be able to provide information on services often excluded by similar sites non-profits with no advertising budget, faith-based programs with similar restraints, even small businesses which may have innovative ideas, products, and services but little money to get the word out and of course government benefits and utility programs which do not (or may not even want to) publicize their services. In addition, we will be listing “Featured Businesses” where companies can advertise their services to a targeted audience and help distinguish themselves from the field.

From the Blog

Senior Medicare Patrol

I have recently become involved with a wonderful group (Senior Medicare Patrol)whose mission is to educate people about one of the newest forms of identity theft—Medicare fraud. Though I had worked for over twenty years in the field, I had never heard of them (though they were established in1997 and are in all 50 states). The reason I never came across SMP is they had no real presence in Los Angeles.
Since I was looking for a volunteer opportunity I could become excited about, I decided to join them and have found the experience fun and fulfilling.
If you have some free time and would like to make a dent in all the fraud and scams against seniors, find your local chapter online and go to it!


 I recently came across a great website, DoGoodEveryday365.com

  The author is a woman who works full time for the Post Office but tries to let all of us know how we can make the world a better place by taking small, inexpensive actions.  I was fortunate enough to have her list my site as one way to help–you’ll find me on September 19th of this year.  If you know of other things that would be of value, please let her know.

You Are Not Alone

It is estimated that over 22 million people in the U.S. are now taking care in some way of an aging parent. While this is considered “caregiving,” I don’t believe people in their 40′s or 50′s identify themselves as “caregivers.” They are too busy working, caring for their own spouse and children–just trying to balance the demands of family, work and leisure (if they have any).

So, although there are many websites and support groups out there that address “Caregivers,” I think we will be making a distinction between caring for an elderly or ill spouse and caring for an aging family member.

Many of the Caregiver support groups that exist take place during daytime hours–at Senior centers and similar venues–making it inconvenient if one is working days. So, we want to enlist your help with this new, targeted community of ours. If you have an Employee Assistance Program at your company, ask if they can help address your special issues. If you are a clinician and able to start a local support group, consider doing it in the evening or once a month on a weekend. Or, if you work at a large Assisted Living facility which is wanting to do community outreach, don’t forget to consider a group targeted to Adult Children’s needs.

This is a growing demographic in our country–which is only going to get larger as the Baby Boomers age. Our poor offspring will be involved caring for 76 million of us!